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5 Outdoorsy Things You Didn’t Know About Jason Momoa

You may recognize Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe, or Duncan Idaho in Dune (2021)—or maybe you remember him as Jason Ioane, his breakthrough acting role in Baywatch. He is known not only for his signature style but also for his proud Hawaiian heritage, his towering height of 6 feet 4 inches, and his love for and connection to the outdoors.

Born in 1979, he married Lisa Bonet in 2017, but they divorced in 2022, and he has two children whom he takes outside as much as he can. After the couple’s split, this nature-loving celebrity spent some time living in his RV. You may know these facts about this major Hollywood star and outdoor lover, but read on to discover five outdoorsy things you probably didn’t know about Jason Momoa.

5. His Traditional Hawaiian Tattoo Symbolizes His Shark Guardian

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According to Yahoo Entertainment, the rows of black triangles tattooed on Momoa’s left arm are designed to resemble a shark’s teeth. When Momoa is in the water, it’s meant to help sharks swimming nearby understand that he’s one of them. Momoa’s family’s guardian is the shark, which underscores his true connection to the ocean. In 2022, he got a traditional Hawaiian tattoo on the left side of his head that matches, similarly symbolizing protection for his family and his aumakua or family god that originated as a deified ancestor that is said to manifest as an object or animal—in this case, a shark.

4. He Really Is Aquaman In Real Life

Aquaman (2018) grossed $1.15 billion worldwide and became the highest-grossing installment in the DC Universe. It is also the highest-grossing film based on a DC character. The film was well cast and demonstrates Momoa’s life-long love of the water.

Momoa is also committed to fighting for the ocean’s preservation. Momoa started the company Mananalu in 2019 to reduce the use of single-use plastics. The website states that less than 9% of plastic is recycled. Momoa’s company sells water in a can. He posted a video saying: “About 75% of all aluminum that’s ever been used is still in circulation today, and it’s 100% recyclable. You drink the can, and in about 60 days it’ll be back.”

Image by James O’Neil

His fight to ban single-use plastics got him named the United Nations Environment Programme’s Advocate for Life Below Water. In other words, he is the true Aquaman.

3. He’s a Passionate Rock Climber 

Momoa isn’t shy about his love of rock climbing. In fact, you may have seen his rock climbing TV show produced with his long-time friend Chris Sharma, The Climb. It’s hard to know how hard Momoa climbs, but it’s widely speculated to be around V4-V6, which is pretty good, especially compared to many other actors who climb. No stranger to some of the world’s best climbers, Momoa actually presented Jimmy Chin with his Oscar for Best Documentary Feature for Free Solo in 2019.

Jason Momoa loves rock climbing so much that he partnered with climbing product company So iLL, thereby combining his love for climbing and fashion. He often spends time teaching his kids how to climb, too. “We don’t own a TV. My kids are always outdoors,” the actor was quoted as saying.

2. Jason Momoa Occasionally Wears a Loincloth for Outdoor Adventures

Momoa is well-rounded in his sports interests (for instance, he has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), and he enjoys many outdoor sports beyond rock climbing, including skydiving and fishing. You may have even seen the scandalous video where, on a deep-sea fishing trip with friends, Momoa sported a loincloth. He truly does know how to have fun outdoors.

1. Jason Momoa Was A Competitive Swimmer

Momoa was a competitive swimmer as a kid and apparently even considered pursuing a career in it before turning to acting and modeling. He was competitive and driven, even from the start. He also produced the documentary film, Waterman (2022), the story of five-time Olympic medalist Duke Kahanamoku, a true “waterman,” a name in Hawaii for an athlete who is adept at many ocean-related sports and skills. 

Article updated on Sept. 12, 2023

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