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Here Are the Top 5 Outdoor Products on Kickstarter Right Now

At the time this article was published, there were more than 2,300 outdoor projects posted to the fundraising site Kickstarter. While they all offer something special, here are the five most popular. 

3/4 Tech Pant by NAR

3/4 tech pant by nar
Image: NAR / Kickstarter

What makes the 3/4 Tech Pant the “ultimate” three-quarter pant? NAR said for two years they’ve been creating the perfect pants for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, and hanging with friends. Water repellant on the outside and fleece-lined on the inside, the 3/4 Tech Pant would replace your long johns and mid- or outer layer. The expected retail price is $199. 

Cooler Liner for Coolers

cooler liner for coolers
Image: Feesh Gear / Kickstarter

The North Carolina-based Feesh Gear called its Cooler Liner for Coolers “a genuine game-changer” for anglers and outdoors-people. It’s pretty simple, actually. It’s a liner that fits inside of a cooler, so it adds an extra layer of insulation and allows you to remove it from the cooler if you need the space. The expected retail price is $80-$100. 

The FoldChef 

The FoldChef
Image: Infinity / Kickstarter

The California-based Infinity is raising money for The FoldChef, a pocket folding chef knife. It’s constructed from hand-forged 5cr15 steel and features antiskid and collapsible functionality. The company said it’s just as suitable for indoor kitchen cooking as it is for cooking at the campsite. The expected retail price is $69. 

MU Sierra Silicone Steamer

mu sierra silicone steamer
Image: Camp Ooparts / Kickstarter

The Japanese-based Camp Ooparts introduced the MU Sierra Silicone Steamer to make steaming “tasty yet healthy food” easy in the great outdoors. It comes with a little metal cup that you fill with water, and then the silicone cups are placed on top. With each cup, you can steam something different. When you’re done, you can collapse the cups for easy storage and transportation. The expected retail price is about $85. 

Culla Hammock Wrap Around V2

Culla Hammock
Image: Cura Outdoors / Kickstarter

The Texas-based Cura Outdoors introduced the Culla Hammock Wrap Around V2, which is kind of a hammock, sleeping bag, and tent all in one. The company describes it as a four-season hammock wrap designed with temperature regulation in both hot and cold weather. It also features a black-out design and sound-dampening insulation. The expected retail price is $239. 

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